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Glamulet – Awesome Gift For Mommy!

This Mother’s Day, I wanted to gift my mum something extraordinary and unique. After mind-boggling searches and harried mall trips, I decided on gifting her personalized charm! The idea struck me when I was sifting through my favorite website. Their ‘Mother’s Day Gift 2016’ section has quite an impressive collection of gift-able jewelry items and it is here that I found the most awesome gift for mommy!

Mother's day Glamulet

The ‘memorable charms white heart’ is labelled as one of their best sellers and at just $25.95 (after a staggering 49% discount) I am not surprised at all! While the back of the charm is decorated with shining white gemstones, the space at the front is left vacant to insert a picture chosen by you! I chose a very special one with my mom, inserted it in the space given and voila….I was good to go!White Heart Charm


This personalised charm is handcrafted, and is made of 100% sterling silver. There were several other shapes and designs available too with beautiful designs and quirky messages at the back…I am definitely getting the rectangle with with ‘life, love, laugh’ spelled at the back for myself….next time maybe!

DIY Memorable Charms❤Upload Your Precious Photos Into The Charms, Glamulet Love Heart Charms 925 Sterling Silver Memorable Charm Fit All Brands Bracelets.Wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day

Too happy with my purchase and II know my mum would be floored!  Thanks Glamulet for the awesome idea!

P.S: The pretty box in which it arrived and the packaging was mind blowing!

Glamulet Gift

Last mother’s day I was searching for something fabulous to gift my mother. I wanted something unique that could tell her how much i loved her! It was while searching for a similar gift for her that I stumbled upon Glamulet…and it was like almost opening a pandora’s box! I think their collection was simply superb! I ordered for my mom a silver-plated bracelet and added to it some charms that read ‘mother-daughter’, ‘I love you’ and ‘mom’…oh she absolutely loved it. Thanks Glamulet!

Jewelry Trends: The Transformation of Pearls

In the fashion circles, new trends make wave now and then but there are several fashion jewelry fixes that just refuse to give way to the others. Pearl jewelry is one such jewelry trend that keeps getting stronger and stronger with each passing season. Since time immemorial, pearl has always signified grace, elegance and charms like none other. Its association with the royalty is also nothing new. However, what’s new is the fact that now pearl has come to be regarded as avant garde, contemporary and fashion-forward!

Going beyond the set traditional boundaries, jewelry designers have been experimenting with pearl in terms of colors, designs and style, like never before. Chanel’s 2014 runway outing was quite revolutionary in this regard where it’s oversized pearls became the hot favourites of all present and a rage in the fashion circle for some time to come. International brand Dior also plays a great part in making pearl a favourite of the fashion forward jewelry lovers across the world.


Its statement design with a small pearl resting on the ear and a bigger one peeping from behind the lobe inspired a large cache of imitations and copies that swarmed the markets and the World Wide Web. Another twist in this series was added by Stella McCartney during the 2015 runway outing. Its quirky pearl choker was so revolutionary that it looked almost like a sculpture on the neck! Such experiments by huge names in the designer circle have ensured that much attention is diverted towards pearl, and more and more designers are inspired to work differently with it.

Blurring Line Between Fashion And Fine Jewelry

The market has also witnessed a doubling in the shares of branded jewelry since 2003 and this is expected to witness an unprecedented growth henceforth. Various consumer behaviours have been studied to arrive at factors that would propel the growth for branded jewelry internationally. Established brands are known to be trustworthy and provide emerging-market consumers with a sense of an elevated lifestyle. Consumers with ‘new money’ also come to prefer branded jewelry as it gives them an opportunity to flash their new found wealth. The young consumers have a penchant for branded jewelry as they consider it to be a mean of self expression.


In the past decade, online jewelry sale has picked up amid international consumers and the rise is expected to double by 2020 (from 5% to 10%). The share of online sale of fashion jewelry would obviously be slightly higher than for fine jewelry as fine jewelry is expensive and people still prefer buying them from brick-and-mortar stores where they can touch and feel the finery prior to buying it. Jewelry industry also cannot underestimate the power of social media which can be the best platform for them for building customer relationship and establishing a brand identity.


The other recent factor to consider for retailers is the blurring line between fashion and fine jewelry. People are now buying fine jewelry for themselves, which was mostly meant for gift purchase at one point in time. Also, while fashion jewelry is being sold by international brands for thousands of Dollars, one can easily acquire fine jewelry at a bargain. Jewelry brands and retailers need to consider these factors and capitalise on them to shine brighter and grab a larger share of the jewelry market in the time to come.

White Metals: The Hot New Trend


Different metals have gained popularity at different seasons. While gold, the yellow metal, has been successful in maintain its stronghold in the jewelry industry since time immemorial, white metals have started vying for attention since last few years and are fast catching the fancy of jewelry connoisseurs across the globe.

The ever increasing demand for the white metals has not gone unnoticed by jewelry makers and special attention is being paid to come out with ranges that accommodate these specific metals, including silver, platinum, white gold, palladium and titanium.

In comparison with the yellow gold, white metals are seen as being modern and avant-garde amongst the young buyers.

Economic factors too are playing their part in these shifting dynamics. As prices of gold and platinum almost touching the roof, jewellers and buyers have shown a greater affection towards other metals like silver, titanium and stainless steel.

love charms1Silver is not just affordable but extremely versatile as well. The striking designs available in sterling silver catch one’s attention instantly.

The metals works well with almost anything and everything, including pearl, coral, shell and other precious stones. For the young jewelry buyers who love adorning understated finery, silver is the ideal metal.

It is subtle, simple and almost never goes over-the-top! Its versatility also springs from the fact that is quite an easy metal to work with. It can be effortlessly moulded around abstract stones to create exquisite and unique jewelry pieces. Lower price of silver was the most favouring factor initially, until the metal revealed its adeptness at being easily wrapped around colored gemstones of varied kinds. Today, gemstones-encrusted sterling silver jewelry is quite a hot trend that shows no sign of diminishing anytime soon.

design your own charm glamulet shop1

Royalty When Talking About Fashion Jewelry

memorable charmHow about a vintage fine or fashion jewelry watch to make her always wear your love up her sleeves? A graceful and delicate time piece adorned with diamonds or gemstones will make sure she remembers you every time she looks at it.
Ruby defines love like no other gemstone. Get her that perfect dangling earring to accentuate her evening wear or a stunning bracelet with a hue of red that spells your love without having to go over-the-top.

Some days, I’m wearing all of them at once! But you currently can’t pay me to wear a ruby, lapis or emerald. Why is this? I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Here’s what I’ve concluded — if you really listen to your body, it will tell you what you need.
design your own charm

Use of latest technology to create fantastic pieces of finery is something that has only been initiated recently. Till sometime back, who would have thought that the marriage between technology and jewelry could be such an exceptional one? Radical craft epitomizes this union in such a way that none could have imagined. Here, radical designs are complemented with methods like 3-D printing, electronics and robotics. The gemstones are cut into dynamic designs and accentuated with the use of cubic zirconia, quartz in smoky tones and black spinel.

As the fashion jewelry market progresses towards an exciting new future, it takes along with it the erstwhile trends and traditions that form the core of this art form. This is the primary reason why this industry has always been able to re-invent itself time and again!

How can we forget about the royalty when talking about jewelry? Umbero II of Italy, princess Mary of Great Britain and the Duchess of Windsor have been some of the most stylish and fashion-conscious of the royalty. In the modern times, remember how the engagement ring of Camela Parker Bowls was hailed by the media worldwide, making it a topic of discussion amongst women of all ages.
There is no doubt that women on top have always been emulated by the rest of the world. They are not just fashion icons worth following but also a source of inspiration for fashionistas of all generations.

Choose The Best Fashion Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

Just like diamonds which are forever, silver is another of the timeless metals that has adorned women since time immemorial. This highly reflective and shiny metal is referred to as a white metal by the jewellers. The finest form of silver or silver in its purest form is not often used in jewelry owing to its brittle nature, however sterling silver is the most preferred one as it constitutes 7.5% of other metals. Most fancy silver jewelry today is made from sterling silver which gives durability to this metal. And just like any other jewelry, you need expert tips and suggestions to buy that perfect piece of silver jewelry as well. The shine and lustre of the jewelry is the foremost point to consider, along with hallmarks that are stamped on almost all pure pieces. Take these easy steps into consideration when buying sterling silver jewelry and be proud owners of exquisite pieces that last a lifetime!

design your own charm

Our attempt is at helping you out choose the best fashion jewelry for your wedding day, but if we are, in any way, confusing you even more, we’d suggest you stick to the basics. Chokers encrusted with diamonds along with droplet earrings with pearl strings make for a classic combo that can never go wrong with any kind of ensemble. You can trust us on that! Add to it a stunning pearl or diamond bracelets and a tiara to crown your ravishing wedding look.

Of course you don’t always need our suggestions and sometimes your instincts can do for you what no expert can. Your wedding updo is a reflection of your own self and nothing is more important than your comfort. With you feeling like a queen from the inside, you’re sure to bedazzle everyone on the outside!

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jewelry is fun to wear. It can look casual paired with a t-shirt and skinny jeans, or a a bit more elegant worn with your summer maxi dress and cute floppy straw hat. The simplicity of jewelry comes with the idea that you can change out the snaps to match your outfit, mood, or personality.
jewelry has two components: jewelry findings and charms. Jewelry findings have a button-like compartment where you insert the charms. charms have a nub on the back that SNAPS into the jewelry finding. There are hundreds of charms to choose to mix and match with a large variety of jewelry findings.

To remove or change out the snaps, you can use your fingers to pry them off. However, because charms are meant to secure in place once snapped in, sometimes prying them off with your fingers may be difficult. We suggest that you take an old library card or sturdy flat card and wedge it under the charm. Give it a twist and it should POP right out! Now you are ready to recreate a new jewelry style.

Charm Statement Necklace

In this era of being bold about fashion, statement necklaces are a hot trend that you certainly want to try. Our Statement Necklace certainly does just that. It is 18” – 21” long and fits 3 charms. It is perfect for a casual date night.

Charm Bracelets

We love the selection of bracelets for charms. You can be subtle with a dainty bangle bracelet or punk it up with a hot leather bracelet. But our favorite way to wear charm bracelets is layering them all together for a different kind of fashionable arm candy look.

Earrings and Ring

Pearls are making a comeback in today’s fashion and what better way to hop on trend by showcasing some earrings and ring with pearl charms. We think these two pairs would go well with your next cocktail dinner party.

Earring Design For The Best

design for the best.Marvellous and Memorable

Grandeur and regal splendour – is what is showcased in this signature design. Designed to perfection with 1.207 carats of diamonds, 9.490 grams of gold and 4.164 carats of ruby this stud is a generational keepsake



perfect floral designA picture-perfect floral design

Petals decorated with flawless diamonds transforming every part of this marvellous ear ring with its graceful touch. It is made with 1.281 carats of diamonds and 5.730 grams of gold.



inspirationalInspirational Artistic Wonder!

Three emeralds and one sapphire along the outer edge with rubies in-between provides a dazzling image of artistic finesse. This masterpiece is crafted with 1.524 carats of diamonds, 13.260 grams of gold, 1.910 carats of emerald, 1.121 carats of blue sapphire and 0.093 carats of ruby.



contemporary at heartDesigned for the contemporary at heart

A garland of circular rows of diamonds with tiny radiant stars in between, this necklace featuring 8.359 carats of diamonds and 39.910 grams of gold is an elegant and graceful piece for the best of occasions

Charming Your Way With Charm Bracelets

love charms1

With the New York and Brooklyn Fashion Weeks behind us, it is time to zoom into the top trends that wowed us. Of course, amid the horde of choices, the Chinese bags, armlets and the monochrome blazers caught our eye. However, the surprise style trend that hit the bull’s eye is that of the charm bracelets.

While charms have been associated with diverse cultures across continents, this time it has caught our fancy—besides appealing to the bigwigs of the glamour world. Let’s have a quick look at some top celebs who swear by their charm bracelets.
Charming Your Way

If you are wracking those grey cells about the perfect charm bracelet, then some tips could do you good.

Perfect Charm Bracelets

Do not merely ape your celeb-idols—The beauty of charms is their versatility. There’s no right or wrong way to don your charms. On a big wide leather cuff, a delicate chain, a chunky bracelet or a long necklace with a whole slew together. Did you know you can even wear your fourseven charms on anklets and rings? If you’re the I-gotta-be-me type, you may want to even slip one onto your huge hoop earrings just for fun! With charms, whatever strikes your fancy is the winning bet!

Popular fashion designers recently quipped, “Charms are back….” And we know how! Get going the charms’ way.

Jewelry Photography – The Right Camera for You

More and more questions about how to photograph jewelry. It’s been a while since we tackled this tough topic so we thought it was a good time to review the basics: Equipment, Lighting, and Composition. We will give you tips and tricks to make your images beautiful as well as links to equipment suppliers and other helpful info.  This is a deep subject with many different approaches so this will be an ongoing series. Ready? Let’s Go!

Which Camera is Right for You?

There are many options for cameras on the market and each has pros and cons. The following is an overview of Smartphone, Point and Shoot and DSLR Cameras. Choose what is best for your budget and experiment with it to get the best results.

Point and Shoot Camera

Another great option for your jewelry photos is a compact digital Point and Shoot Camera. They are small, lightweight, typically inexpensive and very easy to use.  Just as their name implies, they are designed for you to point and shoot! These cameras are mainly meant to be used in “auto” mode, letting the camera make all of the decisions for you. There are basic manual controls that can be changed but quite often they are hidden in menu systems and are not easily accessible. Some come with a Macro setting which is great for close up shots of jewelry. Many of the affordable Point and Shoots only come with a fixed lens, which means it is a Digital Zoom. Newer, more expensive Point and Shoot models have an Optical Zoom Lens. Another point worth mentioning is that most P &S Cameras have a massive depth of field, meaning that they typically cannot separate foreground from background. This means everything is in focus…which is great….except when you want to create a little “bokeh.” (Bokeh is that beautiful blur quality produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image.) Similar to Smart Phones, Point and Shoot Cameras also have a smaller sensor than DSLR cameras and therefore do not take as high of quality images. They are fine for everyday use and posting things online but not the best option for print work or professional publications. The newest generation of Point and Shoot Cameras are equipped with Super Zoom Optical Lenses and larger Image Sensors. These newer models are fairly expensive compared to more basic compact models.